Force Protection

Fibrwrap Construction has developed specialized capabilities over the past 20 years in the application of the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® system for force protection applications. Current and future precarious environments brought about by ongoing domestic and international terror threats and the focus on worker safety in dangerous industrial environments have forced new responsibilities on the structural engineering profession. With these new responsibilities come new challenges – challenges efficiently solved by Tyfo® Fibrwrap® systems. 

Fyfe Company’s Tyfo® composites have been tested by simulated blast testing through the use of large shock-tubes, as seen in the video to the right. Retrofitted test specimens were subjected to pressures on the order of 20 psi with associated impulses of 350 psi-msec. In addition to the shock-tube testing, real explosives with large amounts of TNT have been tested on retrofitted building specimens. Simulated and actual blast tests all show greatly enhanced blast mitigation properties for the retrofitted test specimens. Most tests showed catastrophic failure of “as-built conditions” while retrofitted specimens survived replicated blast events.

Recent testing has proven that the Tyfo® system is also quite effective in strengthening structures to resist progressive collapse. Fibrwrap Construction is pleased to have successfully assisted on several Federal design-build projects with anti-terrorism / force protection requirements. With the help of Fyfe Company, Fibrwrap Construction can provide preliminary design and a construction estimate for any project size.   

Fibrwrap Construction is uniquely positioned to mobilize and install the Fyfe Company Tyfo® force protection system in any location worldwide for either industrial or military application. For more information on our force protection capabilities or test reports, please contact your local Fibrwrap Construction office or complete the short form to the right.

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