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Concrete Restoration

Fibrwrap Construction has performed numerous concrete restoration projects over the years. We are experts in the practice and application of concrete repair principles from epoxy injection of 1/16” cracks to full depth repairs which include splicing of new bar. We are also well versed in applications of gunite, shotcrete and other traditional methods.

The Tyfo® concrete repair system, offered by Fyfe Company is a comprehensive product which addresses all phases of concrete repairs. It includes:

  • Tyfo® 103 – epoxy specially formulated for crack injection
  • Tyfo® CIS Layer 1– corrosion inhibitor which permeates the concrete and protects rebar
  • Tyfo® CIS Layer 2 – penetrates the surface, purges chlorides and makes concrete more dense
  •  Tyfo® CB – cement bonding agent sets up adhesive layer for concrete
  • Tyfo® P – polymer modified concrete for vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Tyfo® PF – polymer modified concrete for form and pour applications

What Fibrwrap Construction has to offer beyond the expertise of most concrete repair contractors is an engineered approach to the restoration of concrete. We analyze the root cause of the degradation or corrosion with a staff engineer reviewing the field conditions. This added value allows us to offer more than a concrete patch—we offer a long term solution.

In addition to the repair of concrete, Fibrwrap Construction also offers the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® system to prolong the life and protect the concrete restoration. Tyfo® products have been proven to arrest and resist corrosion when applied to concrete in aggressive environments.

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