Structural Strengthening

Whether a structure has lost its original design strength, must be reinforced to support additional new loads or guard against earthquakes, we have a fiber-reinforced polymer solution to provide the necessary structural strength. We have used these solutions to successfully complete more than 3,000 seismic retrofits and general strengthening projects.

The industries and types of structures to which we provide retrofit solutions include:

The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® composite systems have been successfully applied to both circular and rectangular columns as well as a wide range of reinforced concrete, masonry, wood and steel structural elements. Our systems are today used for:


Fibrwrap® systems are specialized TYFO® carbon, glass, aramid and hybrid fabrics combined with Tyfo® polymers which, in unique combination, create the tested and proven Fibrwrap® advanced composite systems. Fibrwrap® systems are engineered, specified and installed to solve a host of structural deficiencies or demands in existing structures.

Fibrwrap® systems enhance the structural capacity of existing structural elements which require additional strengthening, rehabilitation and repair, including seismic retrofit, pipe rehabilitation, structural preservation, comprehensive force protection, blast mitigation, corrosion related repair and rehabilitation, additional loading and environmental protection.

Fibrwrap® systems are primarily used as externally bonded or near surface mounted additions to existing structural elements such as columns, beams, slabs, walls, pipes/tanks/chimneys and structural connections. 

Since 1988, Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. has performed over six thousand structural upgrades and retrofits. These projects include the first composite retrofit of bridge columns in the United States, beam strengthening, concrete and masonry wall reinforcing, clay tile masonry stabilization and lap splice enhancements.

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