bridge restoration

ILDOT Bridge Restoration: Piers and Pier Caps

This three-span bridge owned by the Illinois Department of Transportation (ILDOT), was scheduled for a major overhaul in 2010. During removal and replacement of the bridge deck, the two piers were completely restored.

After the removal of the old bridge deck, the piers were restored to be structurally sound and deteriorated concrete was removed. New concrete was installed and allowed to cure for a span of 14 to 28 days. The ILDOT wanted to install glass FRP over all the concrete repairs. Studies have proven that the FRP extends the life of the repairs.

Originally, the area to be covered was 569 square feet. However, during the sounding of the concrete, it was discovered that the repair area would double in size. The owner’s goal was to repair the concrete and avoid any future distress. The installation of FRP was an added benefit in satisfying the owner’s goal.  


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