Marine Structures

The corrosive nature of seawater can damage marine and waterfront structures, destroy their aesthetics or render them unable to support the machinery, equipment or other loads they were designed to carry.

We are leaders in retrofitting these types of reinforced concrete, wood and steel structures using our Tyfo® advanced composites, which rehabilitate and preserve existing structural elements. Since our inception, Fibrwrap Construction has completed more than 100 marine upgrades, including several large-scale concrete restoration, repair and protection projects for the United States government.

We employ innovative, state-of-the-art techniques with solutions for installing structural upgrades both above and below the surface of the water. Our solutions include the versatile prefabricated Tyfo® PR jacket that bonds back onto itself using Tyfo® S epoxy. This is used to encase caissons and other waterfront structures.

Corrosion protection is essential for waterfront structures, especially those located near saltwater. We not only repair existing damage but also protect these structures against future exposure to corrosive elements. Our solutions for erosion and scour protection, seismic upgrades and live load enhancements can be used to extend the life of:

  • Piers
  • Wharfs
  • Timber piles
  • Coastal residences
  • Splash zone structures

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