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Company Information

Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. is a full service structural renovation company specializing in the design and application of advanced composite systems. Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. was founded in 1988 to assist in the development of Fyfe Company's Tyfo® Fibrwrap® system. Since then, we have performed structural upgrades on over 6,000 projects worldwide.

Fibrwrap Construction is the industry leader in the application of advanced composites, employing over one hundred certified applicators nationwide. Fibrwrap is also well versed in the implementation of traditional structural upgrade methods.

Fibrwrap Construction has performed state of the art structural repairs to many facilities including military installations, industrial facilities, hospitals, petrochemical plants, schools, water and wastewater sites and coastal structures. These upgrades have included seismic retrofit, overloading, change of use, corrosion control and blast hardening.

At Fibrwrap Construction, our employees are our number one asset. Fibrwrap Construction's certified installers have extensive experience with an average of more than eight years of experience at Fibrwrap Construction. Our team works together every day to provide our clients the best possible service on every project.

Fibrwrap Construction is committed to excellence and a desire to continue to provide turnkey, cost effective retrofit methods to our clients. This has been the cornerstone of our rapid growth from a small specialty contractor to a globally recognized structural rehabilitation firm.